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UNCC VS Camp Lejeune


Due to the unfortunate cancelation of the last two scheduled games of the spring semester mean green decided to host a friendly match against Camp Lejeune Women's rugby team. This was also the oh so bitter sweet senior match where the team said a tearful farewell to the graduating seniors when the final whistle blew. But before that, mean green put up a strong fight against Camp Lejeune, and even invited alumni Mindi White to play on the pitch for old times sake. Although mean green did not get the win the team did get to put in some serious work on defense holding off Camp Lejeune. Mean Green pack was in it to win it and no doubt gave Camp Lejeune trouble on the field. When the final whistle blew Mean Green gave a thank you to fans and a group hug to their seniors. It was a great season and the team looks forward to what's to come in the fall. 

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